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Your daily online NBA basketball gambling guide. We gladly offer simple and important betting tools to learn and inform all you NBA gamblers how and where to place your online or phone bets.
Betting on NBA basketball and College Basketball -March Madness- is much the same as betting on football ... point spreads are used to handicap the favorites and underdogs for any given game. Over and under totals are popular for basketball wagering as well.
Most online sportsbooks offer NBA betting action on pointspreads and totals for the entire game as well as for each individual half. Take a look around and our website will gladly provide you the basics on betting on NBA.
Whether you are looking at placing an NBA bet or college basketball wager, check out the basketball lines and expert basketball picks from the award winning handicapping gurus.
Are you looking for Free NBA Picks, the latest updated NBA odds, injury reports, stats and game match-ups, and other basketball handicapping tools?
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Key dates for 2016-17 NBA season



January 5, 2017

10-day contracts may now be signed

January 10

All contracts are guaranteed for the remainder of the season

January 12

NBA Global Games 2017, Phoenix Suns vs. Dallas Mavericks (Mexico City)

January 12

NBA Global Games 2017, Denver Nuggets vs. Indiana Pacers (London)

January 14

NBA Global Games 2017, Phoenix Suns vs. San Antonio Spurs (Mexico City)

February 17-19

NBA All-Star 2017 (New Orleans, LA)

February 23

Trade Deadline (3 p.m. ET)

March 1

Playoff Eligibility Waiver Deadline

April 12-15

Portsmouth Invitational Tournament (Portsmouth, VA)

April 12

Regular Season ends

April 14

Rosters set for NBA Playoffs 2017, 3 p.m. ET

April 15

NBA Playoffs 2017 begin

April 23

NBA Early Entry Eligibility Deadline (11:59 p.m. ET)

May 1

Conference Semifinals begin

May 9-14

NBA Draft Combine 2017 (Chicago)

May 16

Conference Finals begin (possible move up to May 14 or 15)

May 16

NBA Draft Lottery 2017

June 1

NBA Finals 2017 begin

June 12

NBA Draft Early Entry Entrant Withdrawal Deadline (5:00 p.m. ET)

June 18

The Finals 2017 latest possible date

June 22

NBA Draft 2017

July 1-17

NBA Summer League


NBA Preseason Odds


NBA Betting Odds

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